HOUSTON -- A case of road rage near the Galleria ended with one driver in handcuffs on Tuesday afternoon.

It all started on the Westpark Tollway with a run-in between people in a pickup truck and a van.

I wish I would have told my boss man to chill the [expletive] out, said John Rodriguez.

According to Rodriguez, he was driving on the HOV lane with his boss David and another employee headed to complete a job when they noticed a van with two guys inside who started making trouble.

We was on the HOV lane and this dude got mad for no reason, Rodriguez said. I guess when he got a chance to pass us up he threw something at the truck right here, and so the boss man chased him down.

This was a just a big misunderstanding, David said. Maybe I should have called the police instead of taking it into my own hands.

In the middle of Sage near Richmond, all five men got out to brawl.

I ain't gone lie, I threw a couple punches, Rodriguez said.

A deputy held everyone at gunpoint and officers later handcuffed and questioned all five men.

Everyone was let free except for David.

I believe I'm going to jail, David said.

Police said he'll face a misdemeanor charge for criminal mischief.

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