NORTH HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- A Harris County Sheriff s deputy was involved in a shooting in north Harris County on Wednesday evening.

The incident happened at a Cash America Pawn in the 9800 block of Airline.

Deputies said a suspicious man walked into the store just before 6 p.m. and asked to see the most expensive items they sold. As a policy, Cash America Pawn asks to see an ID.

While the man was in the store, a clerk called police. The man eventually claimed that his identification was in his car and walked out the door.

That's when Reserve Deputy Lt. Jimmy Rollins drove up and asked the man for his ID. He followed him to the car and that's when things took a turn, according to Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

He produced a handgun from behind his waistband, pointed it at the deputy and fired twice, Deputy Gilliland said. Our deputy fearing for his life fired back striking the suspect two times.

Both shots missed the deputy, but the suspect was struck twice and died from his injuries.

Lt. Rollins is part of the Reserve Command. He carries a badge, gun and drives a patrol car but doesn't get paid a penny.

He's been on the force for 25 years.

Lt. Rollins will be required to go through counseling before going back on patrol, and there will be an internal investigation.

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