HOUSTON - Walmart and Apple are now among several other retailers that allow customers to trade-in their old iPhones toward the purchase of a new one.

The trade-in offers come as Apple unveils their two latest (and most expected) offerings: the iPhone 5C and the 5S. The 5S is the regular $100 plus a two-year contract, but the 5C is only $99.

The 5S has a superfast processor and new color options. It also has a fingerprint scanner built-in so users can unlock it without typing in a code. The 5C, on the other hand, is a little more watered down. While it doesn t have the fast processor or the fingerprint scanner, it comes in an even wider variety colors.

Starting Sept. 21, Walmart says its stores (including Sams Club locations) will allow customers to trade in their old iPhones toward the purchase of a new iPhone. So no, you won t get a Walmart gift card. Only go this route if you indeed want a new iPhone.

Apple has also launched a recycling program. It lets you sell your old iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc. back to the company for an Apple gift card.

Both of these trade-in programs operate like many others: how much you get depends on the model and condition of the device.

A good iPhone 5 will get you about $300 at the Apple Store while a fair iPhone 4 will get you about $100.

Best Buy and most cell providers also have trade-in programs, so you may have to shop around for the best bang for your buck. You ll find some places will offer you $50 more or less than other places.

Many consumers say they got the best and most convenient deal on, which offers you cash and even sends you a box to ship off your old phone.

If you want the most money and you want it in cold hard cash, Craigslist may be the way to go, but always take a friend with you before you meet a stranger. And watch out for the scammers!

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