HOUSTON -- A great-grandmother was held at gunpoint, when two robbers hit the credit union where she has worked for 15 years in northwest Houston.

I thought I was fine, but now my chest is starting to tighten up, Connie Dennis said.

The assistant manager was the first employee to arrive at the United Savers Trust Credit Friday morning. She had no idea two robbers had broken into a vacant business next door, knocked a hole into a common wall and crawled into her workplace.

I came back to get these keys so I could open the file cabinet and just as I got around that corner he drug me back there, Dennis said.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance cameras. Two masked men had waited until she turned off the alarms before ambushing her.

Afterwards, they flipped the light switch. The security video instantly becomes clearer showing one robber with a Halloween mask holding a gun.

He said he wouldn t hurt me, but what does that mean, Dennis said.

He ordered her to open the safe, but she was too nervous.

I really thought, Oh my Lord, I'll never get this open, Dennis said. I'm doomed.

After two failed attempts, the gunman tried to reassure her.

He told her to just calm down and go slow.

As she opened the safe, the crooks spotted the security camera. They used a chair as a makeshift ladder to climb up and move it.

During all this, the second man in the Halloween mask got nervous and tried to leave, but the gunman said something to him in Spanish to make him come back, according to Dennis.

The men used cable ties -- bruising her hands. They pushed the great grandmother onto the floor before leaving the way they came.

A short time later, she called out to her co-workers as they arrived.

We've been robbed, Dennis said. Get me out of this.

Dennis has 16 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She said she will go back to work at the credit union, but not alone.

The credit union was also robbed back in May and she wonders if these are the same crooks.

Contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS if you can help crack the case.

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