I was one of the defenders of Johnny Manziel during this entire offseason of controversy. I chalked up the partying and misguided tweets to a 20-year old kid who was thrust into an unbelievable spotlight and handled it like most kids would.

Not really well.

I was one of those hoping the NCAA wouldn t find any paper trails about him taking money for autographs, and they didnt. I was one of those really jacked up to see him play yesterday.

But after seeing his petulant, selfish displays yesterday against Rice I ve jumped off his bandwagon.

In fact, I ve dived off, triple lindeyed off. He carried himself with no class, sky writing his signature while taunting Rice, giving the cash sign for all to see then getting a 15-yard penalty for taunting rice with the scoreboard pointing.

Johnny it s Rice for crying out loud, not Alabama. What really got me was Kevin Sumlin trying to talk to him after that display and Manziel walking right past him, I like the fact that Sumlin benched him.

He s a great football player, that s not in question. But he s also arrogant and immature and in the end could hurt A&M s reputation as much as he s helped it.

Time to grow up.

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