HOUSTON -- Days after two Cypress runaways came back home, KHOU 11 News learned the rest of the story from Harris County investigators.

Liana Andrews, 16, and Kacie Watson, 14, both disappeared on August 16 and so did Andrews' mother's car.

Their families were convinced that they met an older man on Facebook and he convinced them to travel to San Antonio.

They planned the whole trip, said Sergeant Doug Thomas. We have two different journals -- one from each girl. They planned down how far it takes to get from one city to the next. How much gas it takes and they even planned their potty breaks.

For weeks, the girls plotted to run away and had plans to eventually travel to Denver. The journal entry never explained why or for how long.

But perhaps the most alarming part of this scheme is investigators said the 14-year-old created a Facebook page for an older man and called him Shaun Hernandez.

Both girls wrote that he lured them to San Antonio.

Investigators believed the girls left the car with all of their stuff in it, but never expected it to be reported stolen and impounded by police.

The girls ended up being reported to police by Walmart for panhandling on their property.

The girls were reunited with their families on Sunday and won't face charges but investigators admitted they are baffled by the case.

I've been doing this for 10 years and I ve never seen anything like this, said Sgt. Thomas. It was every time we turned the page -- we always scratched our heads and couldn't figure out why you would do that.

Neither family agreed to talk on camera for this story.

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