SALISBURY, N.C. -- The parents of missing Rowan County teenager Erica Parsons told their story to a national audience Tuesday on the Dr. Phil Show, and faced a heap of skepticism in return.

On Dr. Phil, Casey and Sandy Parsons say they did not harm or kill their adoptive daughter Erica, 15, who has been missing from the family home for nearly two years.

The interview is what several neighbors say they've been waiting to hear, and they wonder if it will lead to new developments or tips to help investigators find Erica.

The phone number to local investigators ran on the bottom of the screen during the interview.

I do know where she was, Casey Parsons said in the interview, referring to leaving Erica with her biological grandmother-- something investigators say isn't true.

Well, no you don't know where she is. If you knew where she was, we could go get her, Dr. Phil McGraw said during the exchange.

Casey also addressed abuse allegations against Erica she believes came from her sister. A search warrant also alleges ongoing physical and verbal abuse, citing family members questioned by investigators.

She told DSS that we had beat her head to toe, and when they come to our house the next day they stripped Erica down, all the way down to her socks and found nothing. But these reports kept coming in, and we thought instead of all of our kids, all of them, being stripped down, to give Erica a normal life, Robin, my sister, agreed she would raise her. And then the reports stopped, Parsons said.

The national talk show appearance is the talk of the town in places like Checkered Flag BBQ, where waitress Lisa Mothershead wants answers.

Just praying and hoping we find a solution to this because it hits home to Rowan County, she said.

I think they are going to find her dead, said Billie Bolinger, another patron.

Pausing between bites, Mike Owens said, It's a bad world we live in. You see so many kids disappear and we don't know what happened to them.

Asked if she thought the Parsons had answered Dr. Phil's questions, restaurant owner Kim Alexander said, They contradicted themselves a lot. I mean, they kept stumbling answering the same comments over and over.

I just hope they come clean and say where she is at, what happened or what's going on, said neighbor Genevieve Lohr.

According to the Dr. Phil Show, the second part of the interview Wednesday includes allegations Casey Parsons agreed to be a surrogate for a Michigan couple and then miscarried, when the couple alleges Casey instead sold the baby to a different family.

There is also a lie detector test and the results.

Parsons attorney Carlyle Sherrill would not discuss the lie detector test findings prior to the talk show episode airing.

Sherrill says the family has not undergone a lie detector test from investigators because they haven't officially asked.

It had been mentioned as a possibility; there's not been a decision made, Sherrill said.

The Parsons deny any wrongdoing in Erica's disappearance. Nobody has been arrested or charged with a crime.

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