AUSTIN, Texas -- Most curious puppies bounce in and out of a room -- but Danny is different.

He will stop, sniff and stop again, over and over until slowly -- the 4-month-old rescue feels comfortable enough to move forward.

He behaves this way because Danny has juvenile cataracts. A condition the Austin Humane Society discovered after rescuing Danny and 29 other dogs from a farm near Waco.

I think it really is affecting him. He's a lot more withdrawn. He doesn't see you to be able to interact with you, said Austin veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Lynsey Wagner.

He probably just sees light and dark at this point, like looking through a very frosted shower glass door.

Now, Dr. Wagner and her team at Eye Care for Animals are ready to put Danny s life back into focus.

She will perform the $4,000 surgery for free. And the Austin Humane Society is relying on donations to cover the cost of post-surgery care and medications.

But before Dr. Wagner can perform surgery, Danny must undergo a series of tests to make sure his eyes are strong enough and healthy enough to see once the cataracts are removed.

On Monday, after an hour of patiently sitting through procedures, Danny and his foster family received the good news that he is eligible for surgery.

We don't just take away their lens we give them a new one, so he should have normal focused vision for life, said Dr. Wagner.

The procedure will take about two hours and is scheduled for this Thursday, August 22nd.

If you would like to make donation toward Danny s medical care, please click here.

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