HOUSTON Officers arrested and charged a Houston woman with driving while intoxicated after she collided with a fire truck with her two children in her vehicle, police said.

The wreck happened at about 7:40 p.m. Monday in the 4600 block of Reed Road.

Police said Katora Lovett Lee was traveling westbound in an SUV on Reed Road when she made a U-turn, turning directly in front of a fire truck driving eastbound on Reed Road.

The fire truck sounded its horn, but couldn t stop in time and crashed into the SUV, police said.

The fire crew checked on the SUV s occupants and found two small children, ages4 and 6, unrestrained. Lee and her two children were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital to be checked out. The children were OK, and released to their grandmother.

Lee was arrested and charged with DWI with child passengers.

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