SAN ANTONIO -- Air Force officials confirm a piece from a military aircraft broke off and fell on a northwest-side neighborhood on Thursday before noon.

Joint Base San Antonio spokesman Brent Boller said he is aware a piece from a C-17 fell off and damaged some property. He did not say what exactly was hit or how badly is was damaged.

A photo from KENS 5 viewer Robert Coultress-Rodriguez showed a large metal object in the driveway of a townhome in the 6500 block of Spring Hurst Drive. He told KENS5's Joe Conger he was walking home and saw an object clinking and clanking in the sky.

A piece seemed to have detached itself from the main object and began to freefall down, Coultress-Rodriguez said. And as it hit, it made a loud thunderous roar of sorts and shut off power in the area. It was quite a sight to see, sir.

He also said his neighbors received orders from the military to not talk about the object.

San Antonio police also confirmed they received a call Thursday morning from a family in the 6500 block of Spring Hurst Drive saying they were woken up by something that hit their house.

Officers and FBIagents blocked off streets surrounding the object. Air Force officials loaded the object into the back of a pickup truck around 12:30 p.m.

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