SAGINAW -- The teenager accused of raping and killing Saginaw six-year-old Alanna Gallagher refused to cooperate with arresting officers on Tuesday and shot one of them during a struggle for his handgun, a court document alleges.

Tyler Holder, 17, was linked by physical and DNA evidence to Gallagher's murder, according to a capital murder warrant that was unsealed Tuesday. At about 9 a.m., FBI Special Agent Andy Farrell joined Arlington Det. Charles Lodatto and Saginaw Det. Robert Richardson in serving the warrant where Holder lived with his mother at 649 Babbling Brook Dr., just two doors down from the Gallagher household.

According to the court document, the detectives, who had all helped build the case against Holder, announced themselves as police. Farrell approached Holder as he stood in his doorway. The teen then stated he was not going to speak with the investigators.

Farrell then told Holder he was placing him under arrest, at which point the suspect pulled out a handgun from behind. Farrell grabbed Holder, the document says, and a struggle ensued.

Agent Farrell was able to push Holder into the residence while struggling to gain control of Holder's firearm. Holder fired the weapon, resulting in Det. Lodatto being struck in the groin area.

Richardson returned fire, shooting Holder in his head. Lodatto underwent surgery on Tuesday and is recovering at Harris Methodist Hospital. Holder is hospitalized at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. Authorities have not released his condition.

Now, in addition to the capital murder charge, Holder also faces a charge of attempted capital murder of a peace officer.

Investigators returned to his home on Wednesday.

When asked if police were searching for an accomplice in the murder of Alanna Gallagher, Saginaw police spokesman Damon Ing said the probe continues even after an arrest warrant for capital murder was issued for the Saginaw teenager.

Of course Mr. Holder was a suspect in this case, he said. But, just anytime in law enforcement all together, we're never going to stop looking for any other possibilities. We're going to continue our investigation; our investigation is far from over.

Ing said the search of Holder's home would likely take all day.

Laura Gallagher, Alanna's mother, went to Facebook Tuesday night to express her sadness and support for Det. Lodatto, who was assigned to the FBI task force.

I am so sick at heart, so heartbroken, by all that has been happening, she wrote.

Gallagher said the family went to donate blood after learning Lodatto needed a blood transfusion.

There has been so little that we can *do*, she wrote. At least I can do this. And pray, and cry.

Police said a capital murder arrest warrant was issued for Holder after a sample of DNA voluntarily given by the teen matched DNA taken from the crime scene.

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