HOUSTON A DPS trooper shot a suspect to death last Wednesday afternoon outside a northwest Harris County Walmart and now the man s family is speaking out.

It happened at the Walmart located at 15900 FM 529 near Highway 6 in the Copperfield area.

Investigators believe the suspect was trying to break into cars in the parking lot.

My heart is broken. The bullet, I could feel it in myself. I can t eat, sleep, said Donald Ray Washington Senior, the man s father.

The trooper said he spotted a man running through the parking lot with a duffel bag and tried to question him. The suspect ignored him and kept walking, so the trooper followed him in his vehicle.

The suspect then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the trooper and that s when he was shot, according to investigators.

Nothing in here but clothes, underwear, he was going from my house to his girlfriend s house. I didn t know he owned a gun, if he did why can t I see the video? said Washington.

The hardest part for the family was the way they found out what happened.

A day later I see it on the news, he said. That s my boy. Nobody called me, nobody came by and knocked on the door.

The family said their son has a criminal past.

For criminal tress passing, tickets. He stayed a month in jail in Tyler, Texas. Me and my wife Glenda, and the kids, I wanted them to see, hey, if you go to jail, this is what will happen, said Washington.

Washington said his son was on the right track, in love with his girlfriend of two years and looking for a job to get on his feet. His family just wants to see evidence that shows what happened on July 10.

I have to come home now to an empty house with no son. Where do I pick up the pieces here from now, I m hurting so bad, said Washington.

The trooper, a 21-year veteran, was on duty and was driving a marked SUV. He is back on the job.

Texas Rangers and Harris County deputies are investigating.

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