PEARLAND, Texas -- Two times a day for more than a month, Debbie Belmarez has been visiting her son s grave at the South Park Cemetery in Pearland.

Her oldest of three died in May during a car accident in California. His name was Fernando Flores and he had been serving in the Air Force.

He was too young to die, Belmarez said. He would have turned 27 last Thursday, the Fourth of July.

The next day, Belmarez said relatives were with her at the cemetery when something unusual caught their attention.

Around 2 p.m., just a few hundred feet from where they were standing, a white Toyota Tundra pulled up alongside their SUV. The truck had tinted windows and they realized they had left their vehicle unlocked.

The bad guys were able to steal two purses, a phone charger, and Belmarez s camera. It contained the final pictures she had of her son.

She had never saved them.

All I want is the SIM card. You know if they want the camera, if they need it that bad, they can have it, Belmarez said. I just want my SIM card.

Though the cemetery does not have surveillance video, Belmarez hopes she will still get that card.

You kind of want to hold onto every little piece of memory, Belmarez said. You want them.

She did not see the faces of those who took from her and did not get a plate number. She said it was a paper plate with Fred Haas written on it and that one of the suspects wore bright white tennis shoes.

Investigators believe the thieves had been on a spree. They had also stolen a purse from a car parked outside a nearby doughnut shop earlier in the day.

It s disgusting, Belmarez added, and somebody out there knows who they are.

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