HOUSTON -- At Top Dog Fireworks on the Northwest Freeway, Tyler Hill and Kyle Jackson are in the market for something that will likely induce a migraine.

Loud and obnoxious and lots of explosions, said Hill. Explosions that are legal.

Also legal this year: transporting fireworks into city limits where they are banned.

You have to not have the fireworks accessible to anybody in the car, said spokesperson Sue Davis. They have to be packaged, unopened and then put in something like a locked glove box, the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle.

The new law combined with a lack of weather restrictions has sparked a jump in sales. A percentage of the profits will go to the Cy-Springs Band Booster Club, which staffs the store in July and December.

It s about 80 percent of our yearly budget, and we operate on a six-figure budget, said band director Justin Smith. It allows us to keep the cost of band down for kids. We try to charge as low a band fee as possible, so no child is excluded.

Also new this year; a red, white and blue firework called Folds of Honor. A third of the sales it generates will go to provide scholarships for dependents of fallen service members.

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