HOUSTON Cameras caught three men hammering their way inside of a convenience store in northwest Harris County Thursday morning.

On store surveillance cameras at Koco Food Store, the burglars showed up with faces covered looking for cash.

I think it is ridiculous man, said Keith Henson, a store customer.

Customers said worse than damage done to the front door was the other crime caught on camera.

They tried to take the ATM, said Lisa Henson, another customer.

Hours before the store opened, surveillance cameras showed a white Ford pick-up truck parking. Three men got out. All wore masks. All wore gloves. One of them tried prying open locks on the front door.

Moments later, someone shattered the glass. All three suspects rushed in. They went after the ATM and tried to take it away with their bare hands. However, they could not.

You should know by now as a grown man that that s not really going to work, said Delbert Brown, another customer.

One burglar did get behind the cashier s counter. He opened two registers, took cash and left.

It s not right, Lisa Henson said.

I feel bad for the people here, said Juan Hernandez, another customer.

I hope (deputies) get (the burglars) off the street and do something about it and not let them back out, said Keith Henson.

Harris County deputies are still trying to track down the suspects and their pick-up. However, they need tips. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.

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