HOUSTON In the small town of Jacinto City, Market Street is the main street, and a lot of people are mad about what Market Street has become, thanks to redistricting.

The long fight over redistricting has divided not only Texas lawmakers, but also Texas communities.

For decades, the two-square miles of Jacinto City had one congressman. Now, the little town is split between two districts and everybody who lives on one side of Market Street is represented by Congressman Gene Green and everybody on other side is represented by Sheila Jackson Lee. It s sort of like Mayberry being divided between two congressional districts.

Congressman Green used to hold job fairs in a hall that is now out of his district.

Somewhere someone decided to take a pencil and cut Jacinto City in half. When they did, they took away Jacinto City s power. We get out the vote. Now we will not have the vote to get out on either side that will give us the power we need, said Dee Owens, a voter.

People have shared interests, shared values, shared priorities. You know, they want to know who their member of Congress is. They want to be able to sit down and talk about the same person, said State Sen. Sylvia Garcia, D-Houston.

Instead, they re talking about how their town is now divided right down the middle of its main street.

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