HOUSTON A home in the Memorial area caught fire early Thursday morning, leading to questions over what caused the blaze.

The Houston Fire Department said firefighters responded to the 13700 block of Kingsride near Yorkchester around 3 a.m.

My wife woke up and said that something was wrong, said David Dybala. The power was out and there was no lights. Ran outside and looked up at the transformer and it was on fire.

It was a big boom, a huge boom, said Carolyn Roberts, who lives nearby. Neighbors two streets over heard the boom.

The fire was quickly put out but not before part of the home s garage and a fence burned.

The family inside the home made it out safely.

Dybala said he s had issues with an electric transformer on the utility pole behind their home and it was replaced once.

Since we had moved in, there was a little bit of an issue with the transformer where it had popped and there was a little bit of a fire, Dybala said.

He s not the only one.

We have had some issues with the power, said neighbor Peter Verbeke.

That smaller one over here has ended up in flames a couple of times, agreed Roberts.

HFD investigators later determined a fallen power line started the blaze.

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