HOUSTON In just a few minutes, faces were full of sweat. Rowers were huffing and puffing. An instructor hollered time was ticking and there was a lot of work to do in his class at Row Studios in southwest Houston.

Judy Patureau was worried at first.

The middle-aged woman has a metal rod in her back and wasn t sure if she d be able to handle the class.

To her surprise, after all the pulling, stretching and lifting her pain went away.

I m so grateful for the class, Patureau said.

Shayvon McDonald, who is also taking the class said, It s just a perfect workout.

The studios general manager, Leah Shullenberger, said the row workout focuses on large muscle groups.

said Row Studios is the only indoor center of its kind in Houston.

The studio also takes a unique approach to rowing.

The routine involves pulling stretching and lifting and pulling some more.

We re told the workout is tough, but never puts the body in a harmful position.

I m addicted to the class, said Andrea Blanton, a mother of two.

Instructors say it s a type of workout that can be done by people of all ages.

Row Studios is located behind the Randall s Store on Weslayan at Bissonnet.

Click here to learn more about Row Studios.

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