HOUSTON Some residents in Moore, Oklahoma are counting their blessings, despite the overwhelming destruction.

Rick Brown said he saw what was left of his house for the first time Tuesday morning and there was not much left.

Still the 65-year-old Vietnam Veteran who is fighting Parkinson s sounded a familiar refrain you hear every day in Moore.

I m blessed. Blessed. Everything can be replaced. I just, I feel sad for the ones that didn t make it, he said.

That s what Stephanie Lunsford wanted to talk about when we found her on 6th street. Her house survived. She grieves for the dead, including the children at Plaza Towers Elementary school. She knew two of them by name.

I can t imagine what it would be like to lose children, she said. It s got to be the hardest thing in the world.

As for Brown s world, the pieces of his house he s trying to salvage, and his backyard shipping container thrown three houses down, he s an Oklahoma optimist.

It s part of life, he said. Starting over.

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