BAYTOWN Cell phone video of a fight between girls in Baytown shows one student being hit in the face by what she claims was pepper spray.

The incident occurred at a bus stop on Tuesday.

The video shows one girl running up to the bus and spraying something through the window.

Then Lacambria Tippin gets off the bus and the classmates begin to fight.

During the altercation, Tippin appears to get sprayed in the face several times.

People on the bus were telling me not to get off and to calm down or something serious would happen, said Tippin, a 16-year-old who attends Ross Sterling High School.

Activist Quanell X demanded to know why criminal charges hadn t been filed.

Where is the charge of carrying a concealed weapon on school property? Where is the charge of using a concealed weapon? he said.

Baytown police said they had other evidence to consider, like the school bus surveillance video that showed what happened leading up to the altercation.

In the video, the girl who allegedly had the pepper spray, moved to the front of the bus to separate herself from the other girl before the situation escalated.

It s an emotional case for a parent if they saw their child pepper sprayed, said Baytown Police Lt. Eric Freed. If it was my child I d be upset too. But I would also want the police to be prudent and tedious in getting all the facts in the case.

Police said the possible criminal charge that could result would be assault with a weapon, which is a class a misdemeanor.

A school district spokesperson said both girls had been disciplined in accordance with school district policy.

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