AUSTIN, Texas About 100 people showed up to the Regency Hotel on Barton Springs Monday night to hear a nationally known urban developer talk about what could become of the South Shore of Lady Bird Lake.

John Fregonese told KVUE News that the South Shore of Lady Bird Lake from South First eastward to near Joe s Crab Shack on East Riverside is one of the most invaluable pieces of property especially for housing.

Over the next 10 to 15 years we expect another 10,000 residents in that little 88-acre parcel, Fregonese said.

Students with the University of Texas School of Architecture worked pro bono on artist renderings showing streetscapes with retail, office and residential spaces.

Fregonese said Monday night s gathering was a follow up to a similar event last June when urban developers from across the country took a boat tour of Lady Bird Lake. Those experts also offered artists conceptions of what the South Shore of Lady Bird Lake could become over the next two decades.

Fregonese also told KVUE that the 88-acres will be developed over the next ten to 15 years so now is the time to look at all the options.

Click here for a closer look at the latest renderings of what the South Shore could look like.

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