SAN ANTONIO -- On the day Metro Health and Animal Care Services issued a warning about recent bat exposures, a family on the city's northeast side was working to get rid of about 80 of the furry fliers.

Christina Ramon said they moved in on Sunday. Her family smelled urine and said guano -- bat droppings -- was all over a few of the windows. They're surprised the landlord didn't know of the problem before they moved in.

They called 311 and were told they'd be responsible for removal of the bats. They said the landlord had agreed to take care of the problem, but sent a maintenance man and not a professional bat removal company.

Typically, professionals work when the bats fly away. They close up the spaces and places where the bats enter. That way, when the animals return, they cannot re-enter the home.

The Ramon's have three children and estimate there are about 60 to 100 bats.

The landlord could not be reached for comment.

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