HOUSTON -- A Heights couple is sharing their story after being held up by two armed robbers.

They say it happened Thursday night around 10:30 p.m. near the intersection of Norhill Boulevard and Woodland Street.

Holger Bause and his wife had just enjoyed a concert at Fitzgerald s nightclub on White Oak Drive.

The couple was more than halfway home during the one-mile walk when they were ambushed from behind.

I just heard somebody running up behind me, and my wife started screaming oh my god, explained Holger Bause.

Bause says his wife tried to run away, but was unsuccessful.

One guy said, I will kill you [expletive] to my wife, explained Bause.

Bause believes the criminals had camped out near the Norhill Esplanade and were just waiting for someone to walk by.

He says the robber holding him at gunpoint seemed ashamed by what he was doing.

I looked him in the eyes. He didn t want to look me in the eyes, said Bause.

Bause handed over his wallet. He talked the robber into letting him keep his driver s license by telling him he didn t need the hassle of going to the DMV and getting another one.

Bause says the robbers only got away with a couple of dollars.

I believe in karma, added Bause. It s going to catch up with you.

The criminals were wearing hoodies and bandanas and sped off in a small, red car with a broken tail light.

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