HOUSTON -- A Houston man is sharing his story after his pickup was taken from the parking lot of a popular restaurant and stripped for parts.

Officials say crooks are making money selling the parts.

At his guitar shop, owner Jeff Diamant shows the surveillance video of thieves stealing his 2006 GMC pickup.

It happened last Thursday while he was having dinner at the Little Pappasito's restaurant.

There had to be at least two crooks involved because one backed out in his truck, while the other drove forward in a white Cadillac Escalade.

It took less than 90-seconds.

Diamant says he got a call Saturday morning telling him his truck had been recovered in south Houston. It had been completely stripped.

They left nothing but the steering wheel without the steering column, the top of the dashboard, and the airbags, Diamant said.

Houston police s auto theft division says month after month, trucks are the most stolen vehicles in our area.

Officials said they re easy to steal. Some of them are used for human smuggling, but most are stolen for parts.

As for finding the guys who stole Diamant s truck, police say the best clue they have is the white Escalade.

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