SHEPHERD, Texas - When students arrived at Shepherd High School on Friday, they knew something was wrong.

Emma Jackson, a freshman, said, It s (smell) really bad, and it s coming from the band hall and the cafeteria.

The smell seemed to grow worse as the morning progressed.

I don t think it s like hazardous, but it just smells really bad, Korra Stevens, a senior, said.

Word spread quickly in this small town of Shepherd which is 60 miles north of Houston. Worried parents began calling the school, and 75 students home went home.

It did not take long to figure out where the smell was coming from. Administrators discovered a battery in a floor buffer was producing the smell of sewage. vThe machine was being charged, and there was a problem with the battery. The buffer was removed from the stage in the cafeteria and placed outside the school.

Superintendent Jody Cronin said the fire marshal declared the building safe and that there were no toxic fumes present.

Cronin said the district also contacted the maker of the battery to make sure there were no safety concerns.

Later in the day, the smell of rotten eggs lingered in the hallways. Despite the pungent odor, things seemed to be getting back to normal at Shepherd High.

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