HOUSTON -- Burglars are targeting a woman's northeast Houston business almost like clockwork.

Twana Body's bar has been hit eight times in the past 11 weeks. She says she wants to break the cycle and keep the crooks out for good.

Eight times. I mean I could see eight times maybe in a year, but in 11 weeks, it's crazy, said Body.

The most recent time was at 4 a.m. Friday morning.

Surveillance video showed a burglar who had just broken in walk into the bar and approach the pool table -- where the money box is.

Body says it's the same things every time. First the pool table, then the juke box and finally, the cash register.

This time she went so far as to leave the cash register open, so the burglar would see there was no money in it. He smashed it apart any way.

So far the burglar has cost the bar $8-$10,000. That's just in damages and doesn't include the cash he's stolen.

For now, the bar is open, but boarded up.

I'm mad about it, because this is crazy for a person to keep doing the same thing over and over and over, said Body.

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