SAN ANTONIO -- A man died after rescuers' attempts to pull him out of his burning car failed.

San Antonio police said Adrian Benitez had been traveling southbound on Loop 410 Monday at around 3:30 a.m. when for an apparently unknown reason, he crashed into a sign near Marbach Road.

The 24-year-old'svehicle went up in flames on the west-side highway. At least two police officers fought to get him out of his vehicle. A couple of Good Samaritans also pulled over to aid in the attempts, but all their efforts were fruitless.

Denise Brunk and her husband were on their way home following her birthday celebration. Brunk said they gave it all they could, including trying to beat and kick in the windows, and using a fire extinguisher.

The problem was that the man was wedged inside his vehicle, police said, and they could not pull him out in time to save his life. Benitezdied at the scene.

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