HOUSTON -- One event at RodeoHouston that kids love and the crowd gets into is Mutton Bustin . But this year, it seems that some are taking the family-friendly event too seriously.

One Houston mom says her 6-year-old daughter has been accused of cheating in the event.

I'm really tough and I knew I could do it, said Payton Daly.

At just six years old, Payton had her eyes on the prize; and, her determination paid off.

She was named the Mutton Bustin champion Sunday evening,

I was really nervous, said Payton after winning the event. I was afraid I wouldn't win because I just really wanted to win.

Payton started mutton busting when she was just three years old.

She was young, but she was tall enough and weighed enough and they said she could do it, said Payton s mom, Shelley Daly.

So after doing it a few times a year and riding on her chocolate Lab, Payton was ready for the arena.

They walked her up to be on the big Jumbotron, she's smiling and the crowds cheering, the lady asked her a question she says I've done it seven times and the crowd went boo, said Shelley Daly. And I thought no, no it's not cheating, she just practiced.

The next day, Shelley heard from people who thought her daughter had competed in Reliant Stadium several times.

The next morning I got a few emails from people saying I think maybe she had a little bit of an advantage and I thought, no because it's a carnival ride, everybody can do it, said Daly.

The negativity hasn't affected Payton. She's getting ready for the grand championship.

Payton has a little advice for advice for future participants.

I would tell them good luck, you might even win.

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