SPRING -- Administrators at Spring High School increased police presence on Tuesday after there were as many as a dozen fights on Monday.

She pulled out the pepper spray and hit the kid right in the eyes. He hit the floor and we all ran and everybody is pushing each other out of the way, said Spring High freshman Cody Duncan.

Tuesday was different thanks to an extra dozen of Spring ISD police spread out all over the school campus. Students said they were also kept in their classrooms all day.

You can t leave to go to the restroom; you can t leave to go to the nurse, to the office unless they call you out personally, said junior Ali Novak.

While the school was not officially on lock down, SISD administrators said there was a significant increase in police presence here.

That wasn t enough for Novak.

I don t feel safe in this school at all, she said. I just moved back here and I don t want to be here. It is really dangerous.

Students said there were as many as a dozen fights on campus on Monday alone, but not everyone thinks things are out of control.

Senior Nick Veogorella said, For the most part, they don t do too bad. I don t feel not safe or anything.

Plenty of others do, including parents like Margie Arnold. She pulled her son out of school for the rest of the day.

There is a safety issue at the school, said Arnold. I feel like the school needs to notify the parents and leave it up to us whether we feel it is important enough to take action at that point.

Arnold said a letter of notice was not sent home, and when she called the administration office to find out what was going on at the school, no one would give her any information.

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