HOUSTON -- If you feel like you're always out of time and you need a personal assistant, a new app could be for you.

Tempo Smart Calendar was just released this week. In its first day the reviews were so grand that its makers had trouble keeping up with the demand for registrations.

Yes it s free, but it s only available for the iPhone.

Tell Tempo where you need to be and when, and it scans your phone, the Web, and your e-mail to fill in the blanks.

For instance, if you set a date to have lunch with someone, it puts in the contact info for that person and gives you directions to the restaurant. Running late? It even pops up a list of preset text messages you can send to let people know your whereabouts.

If you're taking a trip, give it your flight number, it'll keep you informed on its status.

And of course, it will remind you tell your friends happy birthday by pulling in data from Facebook.

That's just a drop in the bucket.

Visit the app's website to download from the App Store:

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