HOUSTON A young man shot and wounded in a shooting at Lone Star College in North Harris County spoke out about the incident that he said has damaged his reputation.

I feel mad, said Carlton Berry. Everything that was said about me, peanut brain, gang-banger, thug, it made me feel bad. I m not that kind of person.

Berry said he s a student at the school and was on his way to class when the gunfire erupted. At the time, Berry was walking through campus with Trey Foster, who he called an acquaintance he s known since high school.

When I met up with him at the school, it was nothing more than a friendly conversation through the hallway, he said.

But moments later the trouble began. Forster bumped shoulders with Jody Neal, first in the hallway and then in the courtyard.

According to authorities, Foster pulled out a handgun and opened fire.

All I remember is just blacking out. When I came to, I couldn t move, Berry said.

Neal was struck several times. A maintenance worker was also hit and so was Berry.

Initially, authorities charged Berry with the shooting. In fact, Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia publically called Berry responsible for what happened.

Days later, authorities tracked down and arrested Foster. The charges against Berry were dropped.

I m a good person. I don t run with gangs. I m not a gang member. I demand an apology from Sheriff Garcia, Berry said.

Officials with the Sheriff s Office said Garcia will not apologize, and said their investigation was active and on-going.

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