DALLAS -- Texas Democrats can only dream of a day when the state turns from solid Republican red to Democratic blue.

But there's a new effort by national Democrats to try and make that a reality sooner than later or at least competitive.

As of this month's swearing in, Dallas Democrats celebrated their complete control of county government, which Democrats at the state and national level now want to spread across Texas.

Matt Angle, director of the Lone Star Project PAC which helps Democratic candidates in Texas, said, What you're going to see is an effort to organize Texas at the county level, precinct level and places that we haven't been able to in the past, because there weren't enough resources.

Politico reported Thursday some former top campaign organizers for President Obama formed a group -- Battleground Texas -- to reach African Americans, the growing number of eligible Hispanic voters, Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters like never before.

According to Angle, the effort would build on existing groups, like the Lone Star Project.

Texas is an enormous project, whether it's a political project or whether it's a business project, so it will be a multi-million dollar investment, he said.

But it'll be a huge challenge, and Republicans say they're not rolling over.

The big win by Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate led Republicans to keep their lock on all statewide offices, and their legislative and congressional majorities.

Under Chairman Steve Munisteri, the Republican Party of Texas is making a concerted effort to reach out to Hispanic voters. At the state GOP convention in Fort Worth last June, delegates accepted a guest-worker plank to the party platform in an attempt to temper the Republican view toward immigration.

Yet, the state party and local Republicans, like Dallas County GOP Chair Wade Emmert, say they know this is no time to be complacent.

People are gunning for us, Emmert said. People are going to spend money in Texas to try to court the Latino voters or independent voters. Republicans need a wake up call.

The question for Democrats is, if big donors will answer their calls to finance this multi-year organizing to turn Texas blue.

That's our challenge, Angle said. I believe that that can be done over the next two, four, and six years. We've got to start now.

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