DALLAS -- A judge sentenced Dr. David Snyder to prison for drug abuse that destroyed his veterinary practice and cost the lives of numerous family pets.

I just don't know how any human being could do what he did, Linda Erwin said.

Feelings of betrayal still simmer in her Kaufman County home.

I did not want to look at the man because he's disgusting for what he did, her husband, Sandy, said of Snyder.

They thought they could trust Snyder when they dropped off their dog, Sugar, with him in 2011 to get spayed. But the couple never saw her again.

Snyder said someone stole the Chihuahua from his office, though he never called police to report the theft.

What happened to her? Linda asked again Thursday afternoon. What did he really do to her? Don't we deserve to know where she is and what happened to her?

Snyder never would answer questions, even after other owners began to complain that their pets inexplicably died in his care.

Last year, facing nine violations, Snyder voluntarily surrendered his veterinary license. His Terrell veterinary office is now up for sale, Sandy Erwin said.

Drug abuse did him in. State troopers charged the 55-year-old with five felonies after busting him with meth several times.

A judge sentenced him to 44 years in prison on Wednesday.

I was pleased with the sentences on each of the drug charges, because they were the maximum, Sandy said. But I was displeased he allowed them to run concurrently.

But with good behavior, Snyder could conceivably be up for parole in two-and-a-half years. Even so, he'll have to wait to 2017 to reapply for his veterinary license.

We got justice, I thought, Linda said.

But closure remains out of reach for the Erwins. In the end, Snyder is going to prison for drugs, not for what he did to the dogs.

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