AUSTIN -- Now that Christmas is over it s time to assess all those gifts. Figuring out the return policies can be challenging, so KVUE's Terri Gruca sorted through dozens of retailers policies to find out which stores buy you more time.

Christmas can be a lot like a box of chocolates you re never sure what you re going to get. Which often means you ll have to make a few returns. So we compared the return policies of some of the biggest retailers across Central Texas in search of the best.

First the stores with no limits. L.L. Bean and Nordstrom have no time limit for when you can return an item. American Eagle has no limit as well. L.L. Bean online provides free returns for L.L. Bean Visa Card members.

There is one store that offers the easiest returns with no receipt: Bed, Bath & Beyond. You'll get store credit if you don't have the receipt with you.

We also found which stores are the easiest for online purchases. Zappos never charges you to return an item. All you have to do is return it within a year. Costco too for most items. The exceptions include most electronics like TVs, tablets and cameras those items have to be returned within 90 days.

Target allows most items to be returned within 90 days. The exception most electronics have to be returned within 30. And if you ve got a Target REDcard you get an extra 30 days to return most items.

There are a few return policies which have a catch.

Babies R Us and Toys R Us allow most items to be returned within 90 days, but if you bought something from these stores online you ll only get store credit.

Kohl s has no time limit for returns and you ll get a full refund or exchange if you have your receipt. No receipt you ll only get store credit.

Macy s gives you store credit for the item s lowest selling price within the last 180 days without a receipt. With a receipt get a full refund regardless of your purchase date.

So even if your gifts weren t quite as sweet as you d hoped, with the knowledge of these return policies at least you might be able to get something else to tickle your tastebuds.

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