HOUSTON A Houston father was arrested for punishing his 7-year-old son too severely for receiving a poor conduct grade in school, according to Houston police.

Roger Lee Randle, 36, was charged with felony injury to a child.

Police said Randle spanked his son for receiving a P in conduct on October 12. School administrators noticed the little boy was unable to sit and they asked him what was wrong. He told them his father whooped him before school for getting the bad conduct grade.

The boy said his dad used a brown paddle on him and that he used it often. He also said his dad called him names, according to investigators.

During the police interview, the dad allegedly admitted to spanking his son, but said he used a belt. He said he hit him only three to four times on the rear end, but the boy kept moving.

According to medical records from Texas Children s Hospital, the child sustained bruising and swelling to the left thigh and upper arm, and was unable to apply weight to the left leg.

Charges were filed and Randle s bail was set at $10,000.

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