HOUSTON - A Houston woman believes someone may have found her lost dog, but she fears she may not get her beloved pet back.

On Friday night, a woman told Pamela Boyd that she had confronted a man who appeared to have found the lost dog in a parking lot.

For Boyd, it was ray of hope, because the she had not seen her dog in more than a month.

During the past week, Boyd has organized search parties and put out fliers, which were apparently shown to the man.

He supposedly said he would call Boyd to tell her he found her lost dog, Lola, but so far, he has not called.

Now there is fear the grey toy poodle may be gone for good.

Boyd said it would be a devastating break, because the little dog had been with her through tough times and was family to her.

My home is silent and quiet and dead and my other little poodle is grieving, Boyd said. She s 13; Lola is only three and a half.

The witness said the man who took the poodle was driving a pickup. She took a license plate number, and there may be surveillance video.

Boyd has set up a Facebook page called Lola Poodle, and you can go there for more information.

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