HOUSTON One person was killed and 11 others injured Wednesday after a shuttle bus crashed in the Medical Center, officials said.

The wreck happened at about 5:45 p.m. on Holcombe at Braeswood when a shuttle driver lost control of the bus due to an unknown medical condition, Texas Medical Center police said.

It is believed that one of the occupants of the bus got up and tried to help steer the bus, said Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Fernando Herrera.

However, the vehicle ended up crashing into a pole. Carlet Michelle Blake, 43, was standing next to the pole and became pinned between it and the bus.

People who witnessed the accident rushed to help.

I was stopped at the red light and heard the big crash and saw the bus hit the pole. When I looked out my window I saw legs in between the pole and the van, said Allexas Perez. So I ran out and it was about me and ten other people that were trying to push the van off the lady, but we couldn t push it.

Perez said the people inside the bus were trapped.

They were locked in the bus, the doors were actually broken, or not functioning, so we had to pull the doors open and break them to pull people out, she said.

The vehicle involved is a hospital employee shuttle bus that is used to transport workers to and from outlying parking lots in the Medical Center. Seventeen people were on the bus.

Of the 11 patients taken to area hospitals, the shuttle driver and another passenger suffered the most serious injuries. One had abdominal bleeding and the other was in and out of consciousness, officials said.

The passenger who attempted to stop the bus had injuries to his wrists, Herrera said. The other passengers' injuries were described as minor.

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