HOUSTON A Houston man set a woman s home on fire because he was angry she didn t want to spend time with him, according to Arson investigators with the Houston Police Department.

Tadrick Bernard Goodman, 34, was charged with Arson.

A woman told investigators Goodman came to her home on November 2 asking to spend time with her, but she refused. In fact, she said she s had to turn him down on several occasions.

The next day he came to her house knocking on her door demanding for her to let him in, but once again, she said she did not want to see him.

That is when he got mad and began cursing her out, according to court documents.

She then heard Goodman rummaging in the backyard and looked out here bathroom window. She saw Goodman leaving through an opening in the fence.

About three to five minutes later, the woman heard a popping sound and saw flames at her back door.

Investigators determined Goodman had put some sort of flammable liquid by the back door and started the fire, causing at least $20,000 in damages to the home.

The woman told investigators Goodman had threatened to burn her house down multiple times before, but never acted on it before.

No bond has been issued.

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