HOUSTON As expected, new social media records were set on Election Day.

A full hour before the presidential race was called, Twitter said about 20 million election-related tweets were sent out. This makes it the most tweeted event about U.S. politics ever, beating out even the 2008 election.

President Barack Obama claimed a record of his own on re-election night. His staff tweeted a photo of Obama with the First Lady along with the caption four more years. As of Wednesday morning, it had been retweeted more than 500,000 times beating the previous retweet record holder, Justin Bieber.

Some people, however, complained the president s victory tweet was sent out before Mitt Romney even conceded.

Other people got silly about the whole thing: you ll remember how Sesame Street was pulled into the election? The Facebook page MemeGOP posted a photo of Big Bird with the quote, Oscar! Grover! We won!

Also, Twitter user Ryan Broderick posted an animated President Obama celebrating Gangnam Style.

Those are just a couple of hundreds of election-related memes going around the web this morning.

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