AUSTIN -- An Austin man who thought he lost his best friend will bring him home later this week.

Romeo the15-year-old Nova Scotia Toller disappeared back in August during a camping trip in New Mexico.

Romeo's owner, Mike Stotts, searched Hyde Memorial State Park near Santa Fe for days. Stotts said Romeo had slipped out a crack in the tent during the night and got a good start because there was no sign of him.

Park workers told Stotts Romeo probably fell victim to a coyote. And so Stotts said he returned to Austin heartbroken.

On his Facebook page, Stotts posted about Romeo saying, Fate finally caught up with him in the wilderness.

More than 60 days after that August night, the unthinkable happened.

Stotts received a call from a company that monitors pet tracking chips. The little device under Romeo's skin had worked. That and the help of a New Mexico state employee working in a remote part of the park who noticed the malnourished pup, chased him down and took him home.

How did he survive for two months? I mean there's no water, there's coyotes, said Stotts.

On the same day he received the call, Stotts said he and his girlfriend jumped in the car and headed to Santa Fe.

Tuesday afternoon was the reunion Stotts had dreamed of.

Hey, hey how are you? You're skinny , said the overjoyed owner.

With Romeo's tail wagging, owner and companion met once again.

It was obvious Romeo knew exactly who was there to greet him. Stotts buried his face in Romeo's fur then wiped away tears of joy.

It's indescribable. After you think you've lost something and two months later, it's like a resurrection. It's just surreal, said Stotts.

The reunited family plans to spend a few more days in Santa Fe before driving home to Austin. A drive Mike never thought he would make.

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