All week long, we've been following the slow, but steady progress of a surge of cool air coming out of central Canada. Earlier tonight, the front slipped across the Dallas metroplex, and it is headed for the Houston area. The northern neighborhoods will notice the change first Saturday morning. With the front moving across Houston during the day, temperatures won't start falling until late afternoon. By Sunday morning,everyone will feel the change.Then, temperatures will be 15-20 degrees cooler than what we've seen this part week.

One cool spot all weekend will be Plantersville, start of the Renaissance Festival. With the front arriving there Saturday morning, it'll be in the 70s for the rest of the day. Sunday temperaturesstruggle to get out of the 60s. Both dayswill also be cloudy witha steady northeast breeze Sunday.

In Houston, a great tradition continues in the Museum District with the Greek Festival. Saturday will be day where the weather will change gradually. If you go early, it'll be warm but by evening clouds increase, there could be spotty shower and temperatures start plunging during the evening. Sunday would be a day for a jacket as clouds and a steady breeze keep a fresh fall feel in the air.

It wouldn't be a fall weekend without football. U of H is in action Saturday night against the University of North Texas. Tailgaters should find the weather pleasantly mild, but it will get cloudier and cooler as the game progresses. There could be a passing shower, but for the most part, the game will be dry.

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