HOUSTON Some disappointed Houston-area families had to cancel their trip to Disneyworld after two people allegedly stole their money.

The suspects are accused of stealing $105,000 from the Acrosports Booster club in Webster by selling fake travel vouchers.

Some of the families sacrificed and borrowed money from relatives so their kids could go on the trip to Florida. hose children were heartbroken when they found out they wouldn t be going.

Christina Tillinger, a parent, said a lot of them cried.

It was devastating, Tillinger said.

More than 40 families with 70 kids saw their dream vacation slip away.

Investigators say Andrea Maxwell and Donald Lagrone set up a fake travel agency and pocketed the cash.

The pair was arrested near Dallas.

There are reportedly victims all over Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma.

Lagrone, a financial consultant,is related to one of the club s members so they trusted him.

Maxwell is a hostess for a chain restaurant in North Texas.

The families are hoping to recoup some of their losses. But right now, theydon't have the money to take the group trip to Disney anytime soon.

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