HOUSTON A man accused of swiping flower arrangements from graves at a Houston cemetery is facing charges.

According to court documents, a woman was visiting a gravesite at the Forest Park Cemetery in the 6900 block of Lawndale on July 11, 2012, when she noticed that a flower arrangement she d purchased for about $100 was missing from the grave she was visiting.

The woman said she noticed a white cargo van nearby, with two men carrying arrangements from other graves to the van.

When she went to investigate, she said she saw the flower arrangement she d purchased in the cargo area of the vehicle.

The woman said she confronted the two men who were loading other flowers, and one of the men later identified as Tom Chau of Manvel returned the arrangement to her.

The woman s daughter recorded the incident with her cell phone video camera, which the women handed over to police.

Officers got the license plate number of the van from the video and learned it was registered to Chau.

Charges of theft from a grave were filed against him on June 17, 2012.

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