Houston A mechanic with the Houston Fire Department ledpolice on a chase in northeast Houston early Friday.

An HPD unit was patrolling in the Lockwood area when he drove by a known drug house on Schweikhardt at Providence around 12:10 a.m.

The officer saw a person sitting in a pickup truck parked on the road with the lights out and another person walking from the home toward the truck.The officer began to approach the two people as they were chatting, but they stopped after spotting the cop.

The truck driver started to drive away, and the other person walked back into the home.

The officer attempted to pull over the pickup, but the driver refused to stop.The driver sped off down Market to N. Wayside, then headed toward the Loop, where another officer had already laid out spikes.

The pickup truck blew out two front tires after going over the spikes, but the driver still did not give up.

He continued to Fields, turned eastbound, then crashed into a ditch.

The driver was then arrested.
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