HOUSTON It s called Atomic Bomb, but the only war some believe the product is connected to is the war on drugs.

It says, don t smoke this, which means, to every adolescent, let s immediately smoke it, said Baylor College of Medicine psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Kosten.

Dr. Kosten is referring to the botanical blend that s sold at smoke shops and marketed as incense.

If smoked, it can produce a marijuana-type effect, according to Dr. Kosten.

It can produce paranoia, it can produce anxiety, and it can produce panic attacks. It can produce a whole variety of unpleasant and discomforting feelings in a person, he said.

Last year in New York, three people were rushed to the hospital after smoking a product investigators said was called Atomic Bomb.

One teen had a seizure in a mall parking lot. A day later, two young ladies became disoriented after smoking the herbal mix.

It s a matter of dosing with all of these things, said Dr. Kosten.

KHOU 11 News bought a packet of a product called Atomic Bomb at a local smoke shop for $20.

The package stated that s it s not for human consumption and the manufacturer is not responsible for the misuse of the product. The package did not include the name of the manufacturer.

We asked the Houston office of the Drug Enforcement Agency about the product.

A spokesperson said they hadn t heard of it.

A manager for the store where KHOU 11 News bought the product did not return phone calls.

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