HOUSTON Memorial Day is around the corner, and that means it s time for summer grub. If you are looking for inspiration for the perfect burger, look no further than the creations of some local Houston chefs.

Burgers are about as American as theFourth of July, but the burger at Samba Grille downtown boasts some foreign flavors!

There s a lot of ingredients in the burger, Samba Grille Executive Chef David Guerrero explained has he built his signature Death By Burger.

On the lengthy list of internationally-inspired ingredients are huacaina (a Peruvian yellow pepper sauce), aioli, potatoes with chorizo oil, roasted rocoto peppers, cured ham, braised pork belly ( tinga ), bacon, and egg, all on top of an 8-ounce burger.

It s exotic and exclusive. Chef David makes only15 per day, so my pal Stuart and I decided to split one.

A word for the wise:You'll need to havea fork and knife and a bib --and a friend ready for this burger.

It s honestly an incredible meal on a bun, Stuart Rosenberg said.

If something more standard suits your palette, head over to The Counter.

You can build your own burger any way you want it, owner Alisha Walinaly explained.

With over 300,000 possible combinations, you pick your burger.

You get to make it different every time, customer George Cela said.

Just down the street, meat is the main event at Sammy s Wild Game Grill. If you order the Game Trio Sliders you can sample burger patties made of kangaroo, llama, ostrich, elk or antelope; depending on availability.

Well at first they re a little shocked, Sammy, the owner, said. I wanted to do something different in the city, something that hasn t been done yet.

The antelope is delicious, customer Brittany Carnes said.

And if you re watching your waistline, Sammy s might not be a bad option. Wild game is generally leaner and lower in fat than most all-beef burgers.

But if you re not counting calories, head over to Houston s westside. Houston Texans Grille Manager Shad Miller dips the whole cheeseburger in tempura batter and fries it.

It ll be a nice golden color, and when you cut it open, it will be a fresh cheeseburger inside, Miller explained.

The garnish, including lettuce, tomato and a pickle goes on top of the fried masterpiece.

Yes you ve gotta have your vegetables, Miller joked.

So if you re ready to fire up the grill, there s more than one way to make a world-class burger.
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