HOUSTON Typically, sextuplets are born only once a year in the United States and on Monday, Lauren and David Perkins from Pearland became the latest couple to join this rare crowd.

They gave birth to three boys and three girls through intrauterine insemination. They range in size from 1 pound 10 ounces to 2 pounds 15 ounces. They are tiny now, but it will take a big price tag to raise them.

Over at Baby s and Kid s First Furniture, the upscale children s store is full of cute and adorable items. They are guaranteed to make you say Awe, until you see the price tag. Then you are more likely to make you say Oh.

But the store s Mary Forame says wisely, You don t need everything.

Still, a baby needs to sleep. The store s cribs all convert to toddler beds and average around $400 a piece. If you add $100 for the bedding you get $500 a piece times six kids and it ll cost the Perkins kids $3,000 to lie down.

To eat? A typical high chair is $150. Multiply that by six and you get $900. Forame s math?

You only need what you need, then you can add what you want, she said.

That still means car seats. At $190 each times six, the cost is $1,140. For three sets of double strollers at $580, the grand total is $1,740. For these basics alone, the tab is $6,780.

But, Forame explains the typical baby registry has lots more items.

At our store it s about 50 items because we specialize in specialty store items, but the big-box stores probably close to about 100, she said.

For Lauren and David Perkins, it s probably safe to say when they get the kids home they ll downsize with more affordable items while upsizing in quantity. But you can t skimp on formula. At $23 a box, these kids will need about $516 worth every week. And yes, there are diapers. At 19 cents apiece, the family will need $64 worth to stay dry each week.

Still, as the experts such as Forame say, the most important things to any child are obviously love and discipline. While those are free, the U.S. Census notes the cost to raise just one child is $13,000 a year.

To raise six until they are 18, that will be $1.4 million.

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