HUFFMAN, Texas People who live in a Huffman neighborhood weren t surprised when Bradley and Dennis Turner made headlines this week.

They say their Lake Houston-area neighborhood was peaceful until four years ago when the Turner family moved in.

Deputies say it was the Turner brothers who broke into a woman s home in the Commons subdivision earlier this week. She hid her 10-year-old son in a closet, grabbed a gun and fired at the suspects.

I was scared and trembling, said her son, who heard the shot.

She missed and the robbers fled, but they left fingerprints behind, according to investigators.

Bradley Wayne Turner was later arrested. Dennis is still on the loose so no one in the neighborhood wanted their names used because they re afraid of the family.

Not a week goes by that there are not cops over there, one neighbor said.

Rae Sidney Turner says her sons are innocent and they both have alibis. She said her family is being targeted by an angry Precinct 3 constable because she filed a complaint about him last year.

The Turner brothers have been in trouble before. Dennis went to jail for assaulting his 82-year-old neighbor, Ruben Burke.

Burke said he had problems with Turner s dog so he fired rat shot at it.

He whooped me upside the head and knocked my hat off, Burke said.

Many people fear the Turner brothers will come back and continue to cause problems.

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