CLEVELAND, Texas More than a dozen students were treated after possibly overdosing at Cleveland High School Tuesday afternoon, according to a CISD spokesperson.

School officials became suspicious when the students got sick after lunch and appeared intoxicated.

Ambulances were called to the school andeight students were transported to Cleveland Regional Hospital or Kingwood Hospital. They were admitted in good condition, according to Cleveland ISD.

One dude had medical supplies strapped to his arm, said Donte Dixon,a student. I seen him from a distance, he looked drowsy, like he just woke up.

Nine other students were checked out at the school.

Seeing ambulances at their children s high school sent some parents into a panic.

All I could think was school shooting or something, and no one could answer or tell me anything, said Jennifer Harbour. I think it s very disturbing that the parents have to find out this way.

Tests were being run to determine what, if anything,the students took.

One student suspected of bringing the substance to school wasbeing questioned by police.

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