KATY, Texas The trial of a Katy teenager accused of murdering her father was moving forward Tuesday without a key witness.

For the second day in a row, the teen s stepmom was a no-show at the trial.

The defense believes the girl s stepmother may have witnessed some of the alleged abuse her stepdaughter claims she endured at the hands of her dad.

But despite constables efforts to track the stepmom down, she could not be located.

Defense attorneys continued with their opening statements Tuesday, telling the jury about how the girl had been abused since she was six. Her attorney alleged that the father started out whipping the teen s naked buttocks, but it eventually escalated into choking, slapping and sexually assaulting her until she was 12.

Then, in April of 2009, investigators say the girl pulled out a gun and fatally shot her dad while he slept in their Katy home.

The defense claims the dad had walked in on the girl while she was in the bathtub earlier that day and had threatened her.

That morning, he threatened and made her fear that he was going to kill her or sexually assault her, and she shot him, defense attorney Windi Akins Pastorini told the jury Tuesday.

The defense contends that the shooting was the product of a lifetime of severe abuse. They said the prosecution wants to send the girl away to prison for 40 years for her role in her father s death.

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